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Permanent Makeup Eau ClaireFor over 25 years, Maggie Krippner has been involved in the field of art, mainly drawing the human form (and, in particular, the female face). Utilizing a variety of media, she has been acknowledged in many newspapers for her creations and has always excelled in the area of uniqueness. Several years ago, Maggie was introduced to permanent cosmetics and realized that this was just another expression of art, only on human canvas. After having permanent cosmetics applied on her own face, she became very excited about the benefits and how other people could feel the same. In April, 1997, she began her training and apprenticeship under the supervision of nationally acclaimed Rosie Wells at the Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received her certification in January, 1998. In August 1999, after extensive hours of observation and apprenticing, Maggie opened her own business in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Soon after opening her office, she was again acknowledged in the newspaper for the unique service she provided. She continues to travel to Milwaukee to work with Rosie as well as having her practice in Eau Claire. She is also a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

Permanent Makeup Eau Claire

Before & After Visible Improvements

Eyebrows, Eye Liner, Full Lip Color (healed)

Maggie also offers microdermabrasion to her clientele after having several treatments done to her own face. Living most of her life with hyperpigmentation, sun damage and some acne scarring, she became very excited about the results she achieved utilizing this revolutionary advancement in non-surgical refurbishing. Following in the footsteps of her trainer, Rosie Wells, Maggie uses only custom blended iron oxide pigments for eyeliner, eyebrows and full lip color. She also uses MicroDermex machine for microdermabrasion, as not all machines are created equal and some deliver inferior results.

“What I really love about my business” says Maggie “is when someone hugs me because they feel so much better about themselves. I not only identify with them (because I know what it’ done for me) but am so very thankful that I’m able to offer these services.” For more information, literature, cost of procedures or any other questions, please contact Maggie at:

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