I felt compelled to write this article because of the latest “buzz word” that has hit the cosmetic industry in the last year or so.  It is called “microblading”.  Microblading is a hand tool to create hair stroked eyebrows for a more natural result that the permanent makeup of the past .

I have done hair stroked eyebrows for 29 years.  I was very impressed with the  results of microblading pictures  in the immediately after pictures. Not as impressed with the healed results. When I checked into the process  I realized that technicians are finally being trained into doing the hair stroke method…at last!

The more I checked into the process I realized that the only difference that I could find is that the microblading process uses a hand tool .  The hand tool cuts into the skin. I see no way to gauge the depth that the technician is going into the skin performing the procedure with a hand tool.  A pre set machine depth is more reliable for knowing the exact depth the pigment is placed into the skin because the depth is constant depending what depth the machine is set at.

The claim is microblading lasts up to 12-18 months.  The cost is comparable to permanent cosmetics but lasts about half the amount of time.  Yes….. it does look nice immediately after but it fades off much quicker and usually needs several applications.

It is in my opinion microblading is basically the same  procedure as what I have done for 29 years. The only difference being a hand tool vs. a machine doing the hairstrokes. At least the hairstroke method is finally being taught in the industry rather than the solid looking brows of the past.

Hype sells and everyone wants the newest latest procedures.  The end result is still hairstrokes to look as natural as possible.  I compare the hand tool microblading vs. machine hairstrokes . The process can be compared to  blending a cake mixture by hand or using a blender to mix.  Hand tool vs. machine tool creating hairstrokes to follow the natural hair growth pattern.  Pretty basic.

Decide for yourself.  Always choose an experienced  artist who understands color and skin types and skin tones and facial asymmetry.  This is your face.  Do your own homework.

Don’t be misled by the latest buzzword.



Below you will find some closeups that I have done. 

View more images of before and after eyebrows


Milwaukee Microblading

milwaukee microblading milwaukee microbladingmilwaukee microbladingmilwaukee microbladingmilwaukee microblading

milwaukee microblading

milwaukee microblading

milwaukee Microblading

milwaukee microblading


Milwaukee Microblading